Monday, October 24, 2011

LADUREE Macaroons

I stumbled upon LADUREE today in the city.
I had planned to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art because it was my day off and I have never been. I have lived a stones through away from the city for a year and a half and have hardly explored. So yes! Today was my day to hit up some culture in NYC.

I trudged through multiple subways. which I am just now becoming comfortable with, all the way up to 82nd and 5th. I am silently congratulating myself for making it there without any issues when I look up at the steps to find... its closed on Mondays. And so is the Whitney.

So I quickly readjusted my plans to wandering around the area. 

Had some lunch in the park. 

Wandered south on Madison Avenue, until this cheery image popped into view. 
Now, a few months ago, I decided to try my hand at french macaroons. These pretty little sandwiches caught my attention, and so with much research, I learned that I had chosen the most difficult little cookies in the world of baking. Several attempts and bags of almond flour later, I came up with these. 

They were a tad dry but not bad. However, while researching, I learned that LADUREE in Paris is the gold standard for macaroons. AND I learned that a LADUREE was opening in NYC! 

And then I forgot about the whole macaroon obsession until today. 
So of course, I bought a box of eight amazing, gold standard, french macaroons. 
Such a pretty little green box. 

They were definitely the BEST I have had. Perfectly moist insides with crisp, light outer shells and a delectable assortment of mouth watering flavors. 
Chocolate ganache, sea salt caramel, coconut, cinnamon, pistachios, grapefruit, coffee, and raspberry. 

Yes, I ate them on the couch, with my boyfriend. All of them. 
They were FANTASTIC and all I had hoped for. 

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