Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lemon Pancetta Linguini

My current favorite pasta recipe!  I put this together to combine the best of several other great pasta recipes.
You will need: 
large pot of water for pasta
1 large frying pan

1 box linguine
1 cup freshly grated Parmesano Reggiano
1 lemon - zest and juice
garlic finely chopped
Asparagus, fresh
3-4oz of Pancetta
kosher salt
olive oil

To prep:
Snap apart your asparagus taking off the bottoms. Then snap again in half for 1-2 inch pieces
Zest the lemon then cut in half for juice squeezing later
Cut pancetta into smaller pieces
Boil water for pasta; add dash of kosher salt.
Grate 1 cup of cheese

Add pasta when water boils. Once the past is going...

Put about a teaspoon of olive oil in the pan. Turn to medium heat. When the pan is hot, add the pieces of pancetta, spreading it out across the pan. Keep the heat at medium and keep a close eye on the delicate pancetta. After about 4-5 minutes, it will start to crisp up. When it starts to look crispy throughout and browns just slightly, its done. Use tongs to remove the pancetta and place it gently on a paper towel.

Keep the rendered fat in the pan. Add the asparagus and garlic to the pan.

Saute the asparagus on medium for about 3-4 minutes. It should be cooked but still crisp.

Now the pasta should be done and drained at this point. Return the pasta to the pan. Begin to add in lemon zest, squeeze lemon juice, pancetta crisps, asparagus, and cheese. I use tongs to toss it all together gently. Once its thoroughly mixed, plate it up. And feel free to add a little more grated cheese on top!

Side note: You can substitute the green vegetable for whatever you have or feel like!  I have use broccoli, spinach, and peas; all very good!

Ina's Mocha Chocolate Icebox Cake

My first post! 
I have done this amazingly delicious and super easy icebox cake twice now. I think its safe to say, its a crowd pleaser.  The only catch is that as easy as it is, you have to plan at least 1 day ahead of time so the cake can take its time in the fridge over night. I made it for a 4th of July get together on a friend's boat and then again for a weekend out on the North Fork of Long Island with friends.   

So this is Ina Garten's Long Island version of an old fashioned icebox cake! She uses the famous Southampton Tate's Bake Shop chocolate chip cookies.  I was so excited to make this because I had just discovered these crispy delightful cookies at the gourmet grocery store down the street. If you live in the New York/New Jersey area, these cookies are pretty easy to find. If not, you can get them online, or she recommends any thin crisp cookie.